A Youth Mind is a youth-led initiative to advance engagement with young people in peace-building and sustainable development. 

Founded in 2015, A Youth Mind (AYM) is an initiative to create long-standing peace-based impact through rethinking, redeveloping, and implementing new projects and policy which provide for a more peaceful, sustainable future. 

Our initiative is by youth and for youth. We actively interact with the leaders of tomorrow's world, looking to engage untapped minds in high-level thought around what peace in the future looks like and the steps we, as a global community, must take to achieve that. 

We represent the next generation -- hundreds of minds from four continents. And that's just the beginning. 



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We believe that through entrepreneurship young people can gain economic independence and a voice in their economy. Our entrepreneurship programs are focused on enabling young people with limited resources to begin thinking about innovative, sustainable, and efficient ways in which they can improve their communities or living situations. It's through the creative expression found within building their own projects that we hope to enable the international development of economies and people in a new, innovative way. 


Since day one, AYM has emphasized the importance of embracing the human experience, and we especially value the ideas from those most commonly overlooked: children and teens. We strive to develop global assembly by connecting youth who would likely not meet otherwise. By doing this we open up paths of communication through which ideas can be exchanged. Whether they be about religions, daily routines, goals and desires, or struggles, todays children now to have an opportunity to openly discuss their ideas of peace and justice with their diverse brothers and sisters, which will amend distorted communication world-wide.


The power of Generation Z to rethink and reimagine the future is powerful beyond words. This group presents us with new perspectives that are derived from a place of compassion, open expression, and humanity. Through ideation sessions and the development of an international group of thinkers, we work to change the narrative of our non-collaborative developing world.


Individual Nation

South Sudan

Pioneering the creation of curriculum focused around youth entrepreneurship and actively engaging in strategy for development of long-standing economic peaceful growth. 


Facilitating the intuitive understanding of tribal relations around the nations through photography and storytelling.  

January 2017... 


Working to share the stories of youth and facilitate peer-to-peer collaboration on creative impact and the teen narrative.



Encouraging the uses of photography and storytelling as outlets for creative expression and working to understand the opinions of young Colombians. 



Pushing for communication between youth and police in peaceful, understood, and authentic communication sessions. 

Spring 2017... 


Running camera and photography project focused on establishing peer-peer communication between Tanzania and other nation, both within and outside of Africa. 

December 2016... 


Based in Austin, Texas.





We work through regional and international partnerships in effort to achieve efficient and sustainable program development.


Interested in working with us on developing programs, policy, or campaigns? Giving youth a seat at the table? Lucky for you, we're here to help. Get in touch with us, we'll be quick to respond! 

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