A Youth Mind, with the help of visionaries in education, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and the input and feedback of students, has developed a comprehensive curriculum to be taught in schools between 3-6 weeks. This curriculum, when adopted, includes resources for our partnered school along with teacher training information and various new opportunities for its students. Within the next six months, AYM hopes to make this curriculum completely open-source.  

General Overview of Curriculum:

*subject to change based on location/timing of program

1. Overview of Basic Economic Principles with emphasis on:

  • Developmental economics
  • Growth of developing nations
    • Case study on other, similiar developing economies

2. Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • What is entrepreneurship?
  • How can entrepreneurship help develop economies?
    • Case study of Crocodile Browser
    • Founders agreements, Business practices, and Economics of a project overview

3. What is A Youth Mind? + AYM Photography

  • How we work? Our leadership, mission
  • Camera and photography project!
    • Written responses and feedback from the last two lessons
    • Pen/pal exchange of photography and storytelling

4. Introduction to "MICRO"

  • MICRO: Let's build something
  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Activity :: How can you build a tower with marshmellows?
  • Teaming up
    • Choosing a focus
    • Choosing cohorts of focus
    • Brainstorming session

5. Time to begin!

  • Introduction to Toolkits
  • Breakout session to discuss projects
  • Once project is choosen:
    • Mission statement. What's yours?
      • How do you move forward?
  • Business plan intro -- look at examples
    • Write first draft of Business plan (to be submitted to AYM Team)
  • Market research and viability

6. Development and mentorship

  • Lesson on Strategy Document
    • Look at example of Strategy Document for AYM MICRO project
    • Work time to build Strategy Document
  • How would you use your AYM Investment?
    • $500 USD Budget, specific to $5 increments (to be submitted to AYM team)
  • Request for mentorship** depends on different geopolitical factors

7. The Pitch

  • Learn about what "pitching" means? Both on a personal and corporate level
    • Watch demonstrations on the pitch
    • Filming of pitch or writing of pitch document
  • Activity :: Branding

    8. Review of Documents and Return to Students

    note: all initiatives have a 'minimum' amount of funding allocated to their students

    • Return of documents to students
    • Introduction of AYM "INVESTMENT"
      • What does the agreement mean?
      • Signing of agreement
    • First round of funding sent to selected projects and delegates
  • Any connection with mentors or assitance with projects will be facilitated through AYM team and In-location Operator.

    6 months later...

    1. All initial loans due back to AYM

  • for projects who return initial loan:

    • a second, promised investment of 4x the initial loan will be made into the project. This investment is non-equitable and does not need to be repaid.
    • Ongoing involvement with project and mentorship from the AYM Board of Advisors